by Author Wanda St.Hilaire


This one is a super feel good service with good karma for everyone!

Do you have a friend or family member in need of encouragement, comfort, inspiration, congratulations, or a good laugh? Do you know someone in a hospital or senior’s centre? Has someone lost a loved one or a pet?

Receiving a real card in the mailbox is rare. Imagine the surprise of a friend or loved one when they receive a personalized Postcard from the Universe postmarked from another city or even another country! As an anonymous act, it will be a happy mystery to the recipient.

Your message will be handwritten. I can include a poem, write your personal message, send a quote, or create a simple message for you pertaining to the reason for the card. The card will be signed: Love, The Universe.

Note: Your message can be written in any language, just be sure to include it in your order and I will copy it.

I’ll post it within 2 days, but please allow for snail mail time from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Be a hero … make someone happy today!

$5.00 CDN

$5.00Add To Cart

Colossal Karma: If you truly cannot afford to send a Postcard from the Universe to someone who really needs it, please email me at and I will send it at no charge. And if that someone is you, I will write a heartfelt message and send it to you!

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“Be the miracle you seek.”
-God in Bruce Almighty